Signs from the Universe: Hummingbirds

As I sat outside soaking up the sunshine and reading a book, I was startled by a very loud whirring noise next to my ear. I whipped around to see a beautiful hummingbird poised in the air, wings beating like mad to occupy one piece of air. In all my time in the outdoors, I do not recall ever seeing a hummingbird in real time, definitely not this close. The hummingbird pondered me for a bit, almost nose to beak, and I pondered right back, appraised me from different angles, then went on its way. It was such a profound encounter bringing with it a sense of peace, beauty, comfort, strength, protection, and grace.

Of course I immediately researched the symbolism of a hummingbird experience. There was a variety of interpretations, the consensus is that hummingbirds are a positive omen. To see one is to experience joy, happiness, healing, a reminder that life is short and to live to the fullest, even small creatures possess a ferocity of spirit, and rejuvenation.

Life has been challenging of late. I believe my personal meaning of this hummingbird is to symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel coming out of a challenging time, good things are on their way, and the inspiration of the impossible. Gratitude moment for this sign from the universe that those amazing things in life that you hope and pray for, are coming. Thank you, hummingbird visitor, your presence, even for the briefest fleeting moment, made my day and aided my realization that the struggles and tribulations are going to be worth it. Everything happens for a reason. Always keep going.

An inspiration of the impossible

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