Self Care: How to do a Monthly Reset

Review Last Month:

  • Evaluate goals. Write out your successes and fails. Ask yourself why did this work and why did this not?
  • Celebrate your successes, what you did stay on track with. Carry those into the next month.
  • Make a list of new goals or habits to focus on.
  • Do a mental/physical wellness check in to determine how you felt throughout the month.
  • Choose the areas of life to improve in: physical health, emotional/mental health, relationships, professional, finances, spirituality, social, and hobbies.
  • Make a chart in a planner or journal that shows categories you worked on. I capture number of steps in a month, average steps per day, amount of times I went running/boxing/volleyball, books read, things to improve, and successes for each month.
  • Have a ‘things to start, things to quit, and things to continue’ list.
  • Make a gratitude list.
  • Identify and list any challenges that prevented you from achieving steps towards goals or why you talked yourself out of taking the steps forward.
  • Examine your routines to see what you would like to change or do differently.
  • Use the Wellness Wheel to do a self-assessment that will facilitate goal setting. Learn more here: Understanding the Wellness Wheel — Talkspace.

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”

a book, calendar, notebook-1945499.jpg

“I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you.”

Organize the Upcoming Month:

  • List any tasks you didn’t get to complete and start by prioritizing those items.
  • List out all events, appointments, anything you intend to plan (ex. lunch with a friend), goals, etc. for the entire month.
  • Write out goals and self-care plan as SMART goals and have a tracker to check in on progress throughout the month.
  • Make a master monthly to do list that has every task and steps needed to accomplish the tasks on it.
  • Fill calendar by adding events, appointments, and birthdays first.
  • Choose a book, course, or challenge for personal development. (I personally like the alternate between reading a fiction and nonfiction book)
  • Review and finances and budget. Adjust as needed based on where you are at and what spending events might be coming up.
  • Decorate for the month- a seasonal theme may focus on maintaining the momentum of completing the steps and check ins on goals.
  • Declutter- digital, environmental, and social. Release what is no longer serving you, to make space for things that do.
  • Deep clean your living space, vehicle, workspace, refrigerator, cabinets, etc.
  • Monthly treat yo self: either at the beginning of the month to start with motivation or the end of the month to reward a productive month.

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