Nutrition: Smoothies!

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Prefacing this post by stating I am not a nutritionist nor dietician or in any way certified to give expert health advice. Instead, I will share what works for my body and why I am passionate about smoothies.

I have a difficult stomach. Some days food is just not an option for me. Generally, smoothies are my saving grace, sometimes the only thing of substance I can ingest and keep down. The thing I love most about smoothies is that with a few ingredients you have a nutritious, colorful, and satisfying meal that can be taken on the go in a pinch.

How to Build an Epic Smoothie

  1. Choose your Fruit & Veggies. I prefer frozen so I don’t have to add ice.
  2. (optional) Ice- this can be a texture ick for some. I prefer my smoothies chilled and blended with ice.
  3. Protein Powder- this doesn’t have to be for bulking up, there are many varieties of powders with different health benefits. I struggle with consuming protein (my stomach doesn’t digest it well), so I tend to try to get my protein in a smoothie. To the left is a list of some of my favorite protein powders.
  4. Liquid. I prefer extra creamy oat milk (either Chobani, Califia Farms, or Oatly). Other options are dairy milk, coconut milk, water, juice, coffee, heavy whipping cream, soymilk, etc.
  5. Extras. Adding honey, agave nectar, oats, chia seeds, flavored syrups, etc. for sweetness, added nutrition, or to boost calories or flavor is always an option.

Able to pack with nutrients, calories, and delicious ingredients.

Versatile and Customizable.

Various nutrition goals- weight management, muscle building, digestive health, athletic performance, skin/hair health, increase energy, etc.

Prevent dehydration.

Makes you feel full, reduce cravings.

Source of antioxidants and immunity boost.

Bananas, kiwi and oats provide calcium and magnesium which induces sleep and helps maintain healthy sleeping patterns.

Way to detox system.

Boost brain power with ingredients like coconut that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Controls mood swings. Ingredients with folic acid, like broccoli, spinach and bananas, combat depression.

Convenient & Time Saving- a nutritious meal in minutes!

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