Hi there!

I have dreamed about starting a blog centered on healing, self care, and trauma recovery for about the last 10+ years. As someone who laughably struggles with technology, breaks everything I touch, this didn’t seem like a realistic goal. However, the more times I encountered circumstances I had to heal from, the more I learned myself about healing, the stronger this desire became. One day, I found a webinar about basics of starting a blog and went for it. Now here I am, built a website, having come so far from the glimmer in my eye that was this idea years ago.

As an avid reader, I am insatiably curious, wonder often, and am intrigued by the authors behind the books. I enjoy journaling, especially keeping a dream journal of all the vivid imagery that happens in my subconscious at night, I never considered myself in the writer category. Sharing through writing is a beautiful way to connect with others around the world. Think of that moment when you are aimlessly browsing the Internet, and stumble across a post, website, or stray fact that captivates your attention. You have to know more. Whatever mindset you were in before the discovery, it distracted you enough to think about something else for a bit or aligned perfectly with the thought process at the time. Either way, how magical is it that a random interaction with a tidbit in space linked you to the world. Wild. Or maybe it’s just me that goes on obsessive research tangents about fascinating subjects I happen across. If you haven’t, I recommend giving it a try. Your newest passion may be within the reach of your fingertips.

My hope is that I can share my experiences of how I have both successfully and unsuccessfully processed healing through heartbreak, trauma, and challenges of life to illuminate someone’s else’s journey, making the very human experience of emotions as positive and valuable as it can be. My work identifying my own triggers, minimizing my reactivity, compassion, coping mechanisms, habits and routines has been considerable. No one can eliminate the pain that was endured, but the path to alleviating it is much better with support and different perspectives.

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