Adventures in the Wild, Wild West: Travels in Texas

When I follow my heart, it leads me on an adventure. This particular one started when I needed cowboy boots for a wedding I am in. My best friend has lived in Texas for probably almost 10 years. I have never visited. We have been best friends since first grade, and she is basically my sister. I am that person who loves everyone fiercely but is admittedly terrible at keeping in touch or actually making things happen. I fall prey to being consumed by the busyness of life and time passing at the speed of light.

Anyways, my soul was craving an adventure, as it does. My normal state of being is to be overflowing with wanderlust and the desire to explore. So, my best friend and I coordinated schedules, I got a flight, packed a suitcase, and journeyed to the Lone Star State.

Texas has a place in my heart now as I loved it way more than I expected to. The scenery and landscapes will take your breath away. We visited the huge cowboy boots in San Antonio, the Alamo, did the Riverwalk, a mission, Gruene Hall, a ghost tour of New Braunfels, did some hiking, enjoyed Violet Beauregardes at a speakeasy, floated (toobing) on the river, the ruins of a formerly luxurious bathhouse that was a posh retreat for the wealthy a little over a decade ago, and watched the sunset at Canyon Lake.

There was one day where the universe aligned for us in the most impossible ways. Besides multiple free drinks- one round purchased by the head of a legal department at a major company, a chef’s special pad thai, and amazingly getting a table at the fully booked speakeasy, I even procured a real Southern iced tea recipe. I was told that I ‘fit into Texas because I have a big ‘ol heart’.

This trip meant so much and I will forever be grateful for this time with my best friend and the incredible experiences we had together. We are already planning a part 2. This trip was at a time in my life when I just needed some joy and to be out of my comfort zone. Traveling to heal is one of the best forms of self care. Being in a place you have never existed in before is so powerful and makes you feel alive in ways a day to day life just doesn’t.

So if there is somewhere you want to go, just go.

Comment the places you have traveled to that have taken your breath away or been life changing.

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